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You cannot own me.

You cannot own me.


Et dikt jeg skrev om morgenen onsdag 16/1-2008 om sann kjærlighet. 

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You cannot own me


You cannot own me, for you see,

I am not yours to own,

There is a tiny part of me

That always is my own.


My love and my affection

I give freely, if I know,

That I am free to wander

Anywhere my soul must go.


But if you try to hold me back

Because of fear or doubt,

Then, like an ensnared animal,

You know I must break out.


So if your love is strong and true,

And free from doubt or fear,

Then, though my body’s somewhere else,

My heart is always here.


                        Nikolai Kleppe, 16/1-2008

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