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unsolicited love

unsolicited love


you & me 

ingen beskrivelse Zax6 år siden

Im looking for unsolicited love, spontaniouse instinct and open hearted.

You who looks for love, the real love that is, could be the one.

If this text bothers you, stay away, and look another way.

If not, read further and ill give you the truth.

Im alone, im looking, im hetrosexuall, and i want children one day.

Are you looking for a onenighstand?

Ask me out, and see if you like me.

I might like you, but its not a goal for me to get you to bed.

I hope you like this, and feel for friendship and interest of what and who your reading from, if you have other intentions for reading this, its porbably not for love, and may curse be upon you.


With love from Zax



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