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For de som har og de som ... 

30 dager på vann og brød...for ¨ha tuklet m sitt eget brød

30 dager på vann og brød...for ¨ha tuklet m sitt eget brød


Sakset denne fra en amerikansk webside..

Freedom of speach , but NO freedom to enjoy yourself !! 

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Masturbating in Jail is a Crime

You have to feel compassion for Terry Lee Alexander. He probably thought of his Miami jail cell as a private place in which he could masturbate without fear. But for this grave attempt to palliate the pain of incarceration he was given an extra two months in jail.

A female deputy observing him on a video camera charged him with indecent exposure.

It turns out that a jail cell is considered a public place. A jury of his “peers” had no trouble finding him guilty. Broward County and all of America is a better place and I hope everyone will sleep better knowing this miscreant has been punished.

The case hinged on the definition of Alexander’s cell. His defence attorney Kathleen McHugh argued it was a private space, but the jury eventually decided it was actually neither public nor private, but rather a “limited access public place”. This turned out to be bad news for Alexander, since beating the bishop counts as indecent exposure, even if public access to the spectacle is limited.

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