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Legger jeg ut et utsnitt fra boken jeg holder på å skrive. Kommentarer ta imot med takk. Historien er på engelsk, om vampyrlederen Alana.

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“Now. As I haven’t eaten in a whole day, I need a serious feeding. The so-called meal that was sent to me earlier this evening as a bribe to keep me docile, was spared just for that reason, and is not to be touched by anyone. Right now I’m starving. Where is my food?”


The last words were hanging in the air a few seconds before the room almost exploded in noise and movement. She sat down, pleased with her speech and awaiting her meal. The doors to the hall opened and a few guards entered with a couple of young men in white robes. Obviously runaways and for quite a while too, by the look of them. At least they had been bathed and groomed and given a few meals before they were presented to her. She murred. She had expected something better for her welcome-dinner, but as they both looked well fed, she didn’t care right now. They were scared, but had obviously not realized what they had been fattened up for. She rose and walked down to them being held by two guards each, eying them carefully up and down. Obviously getting the wrong idea, the boys started smiling and winking at each other and started to show off to her. She smiled, letting them believe what they wanted.


The skinnier one was the one with the most confidence and she pushed him back, realizing she actually liked the looks of this one. She wanted to see how confident he was when she was done with his plump friend. Taking the hand of her first solid meal in ages, she guided him up to the big stone altar. Grinning, he laid down on his back expecting pleasure as she climbed up and sat down across his waist. Kind of erotic, yes. But she found it the best show of power for her subjects now staring at her from all around the hall. She licked her lips and bent over him. Her eyes changed from the usual cool, deep green to a wild, icy shade of blue-ish white with anticipation of her meal just before her lips touched his neck. She had noticed a look of instant fear in his eyes as he had seen that change and she chuckled. His tense body pinned under her, she now felt her long fangs sliding down as she bit into his neck artery. As she bit him, everyone in the hall started chanting as she rhythmically started sucking this wonderful, life-giving liquid.


He screamed and tried to fight her off, but as the fist few drops of fresh, human blood hit her tongue her full strength came back to her within seconds, and he didn’t have a chance. He could fight all he wanted, it only gave her an extra rush as the blood got tinged with adrenalin before it flowed through her own veins. The blood surged though her and she could hear his heart beating faster and faster first, both with fear and the increasing lack of blood, then it slowed, his body going limp and she pulled free seconds before he took his last breath. She sat up, leaning back on her heels with her arms stretched behind her, her head tilted back and let out a high scream of relief and joy. The chant the whole hall had been humming as she ate escalated to a loud howl. This she enjoyed!


Sliding down from the altar, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and walked over to the now petrified man held by two guards. He whimpered as the bloodless body on the altar was dragged away and she stopped right in front of him. This guy was actually very good looking. And she had a good feeling about this one. Her instincts never failed her. So in an instant she decided this one should get the privilege of a choice. With her index finger she lifted his chin so he had to look straight at her. In his eyes she could see he was scared almost out of his wits, but still she noticed there was a hint of strength and fascination in the two blue eyes she was looking into. She might be so lucky as to getting two slaves tonight.


“Lucky for you your friend fed me well. You will be given a choice. Be my slave. Or die. Either way, I will have my way and feed on you. Make up your mind and fast. I’m hungry still.”

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